I am the author of two books, High Priestess of the Apocalypse: a memoir of disobedience and Sobriety Through the Major Arcana, an essay chapbook, both forthcoming in 2024.


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High Priestess of the Apocalypse is a lyrical exploration of disobedience, grief, and healing (often simultaneously). This is a memoir that reckons with climate grief, the impulse to fight for what we love, and how to turn dread into action.

It examines, with intimacy and tenderness, the future of our planet and the humanity that informs the longing for a better world. With humor and hope, Tending explores the realities of taking bold and radical action on behalf of the planet. Part memoir, part direct action primer, part love letter to the new world we’re collectively fighting to create.

High Priestess of the Apocalypse

a memoir of disobedience




"Christy Tending's exquisite book immerses you in a symphony of life's more poignant moments Alongside lies a deeper resonance—woven together are the threads of personal reflection and societal upheaval, inviting readers to confront the complexities of our world."

—Esmé Weijun Wang,
author of The Collected Schizophrenias

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Have I mentioned I love essays? I love reading them and writing them and sometimes, I just want to carry my favorites around in my pocket.

So I had the idea to create a series of standalone essay chapbooks. These are essays that didn't necessarily fit into a collection, but ones that had an impact on readers and wanted a longer lifespan that the one they got online. Luckily, kith books agreed.

The first is Sobriety Through the Major Arcana, originally published by Sari Botton on her Substack, Memoirland. This essay charts my sobriety journey through the archetypes and wisdom of the major arcana cards of the tarot.

Sobriety Through the Major Arcana


coming soon

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Want a list of all my favorites? The ones I use for research, that inspire me on a craft level, that I'll re-read again and again throughout my life? I've put them all right here. 

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I've written a lot of words on the Internet, for outlets like Newsweek, Insider, Huff Post, Ms., and more—about things like parenting, sobriety, gender, queerness, and mental health.

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